How to Eliminate Shoulder Pain with Dr. David Lee

The below is an auto-generated transcription from the podcast. Please excuse typos and grammatical errors. Charlie McDermott 00:00 This is the Bridging the Gap Physical Therapy podcast keeping you active and pain free. Hey there, Charlie McDermott, co-host of the podcast and good, good news as always, I have Dr. David Lee with me today. … Read more

10 Unhelpful Low Back Pain Beliefs

Written by Teo Buzas, PT, DPT UNHELPFUL low back pain beliefs are common, culturally endorsed and not supported by all the evidence (1):   Low back pain is usually a serious medical condition.   Low back pain will become persistent and deteriorate in later life.   Persistent low back pain is always related to tissue … Read more

Breaking Down the Complexity of Low Back Pain

Written by Teo Buzas, PT, DPT When it comes to low back pain, it is relevant to differentiate acute low back pain and chronic low back pain. Acute pain is most simply defined as pain that lasts less than 12 weeks. Chronic pain is most simply defined as pain lasting greater than 12 weeks. As … Read more

Chronic vs Acute Pain

Written by Teo Buzas, PT, DPT Pain does not occur in a vacuum. It occurs with people who have different levels of injury, disease, beliefs, as well as emotional and social contexts. Most simply, acute, and chronic pain refer to the time since the pain started. It does not refer to pain intensity levels. Acute … Read more

Do you need a cortisone injection?

Written by Teo Buzas, PT, DPT   What is inflammation, and why is it present? Inflammation is the first phase of our body’s healing process, and is, therefore, good. Once inflammation has occurred, your tissues should continue progressing through the healing process. Inflammation that is ongoing and chronic can become problematic.   What can be done about inflammation that … Read more

Do You Need Physical Therapy after Surgery?

Written by Teo Buzas, PT, DPT   Physical therapy will be a crucial part of your recovery after surgery. When you have surgery, your tissues will go through three stages of healing. During this process, the healing tissues need to be properly stretched and exercised. Otherwise, there can be a delay in healing and a risk of … Read more

It’s possible to live without pain

When filling out a to-do list of things to do as we age, few people are likely to add “live without pain” to their list. Pain comes with aging, right? It doesn’t have to. If pain really were an inevitable part of aging, how are many older people staying active and pain-free? Many people feel … Read more

How Does Your Mind Alter Pain?

Written by Teo Buzas, PT, DPT   What is the mind? The mind refers to that part of us that oversees our thinking and choosing. It is with our minds that we ingrain truths or lies into the brain, which is part of the body. Our beliefs affect how we feel because we feel whatever … Read more

How Much Water Should You Drink?

Written by Teo Buzas, PT, DPT   The human body is mostly made up of water and is essential for life. Without water, humans can only survive for a few days. The adult human body averages about 60% water, and the brain is composed of about 73% water (1). Even mild levels of dehydration can … Read more

How to Choose a Physical Therapist

Written by Teo Buzas, PT, DPT   When seeking professional healthcare, do your best to find out what they believe and how they treat. Do your due diligence with research. You can find out a lot on the website. You can search the ‘about’ page to find out more. Also, find out from friends and family … Read more