Balance Problems

Balance Problems Can Ruin Your Life

If you suffer from dizziness, vertigo, or balance problems caused by neurological disorders like Parkinson's Disease, it's tempting to resign yourself to fate.

"Maybe I'm just naturally clumsy," you might say to yourself, or perhaps, "Balance problems are incurable, and I have to accept that."

Balance is a slippery slope. As your fear of falling grows, your activity level gradually declines, and a few things start to happen.

First, you become less mobile, and by default your strength starts to decline.

Second, you don't get out as much as you used to. Things like going for a walk with your spouse, taking a stroll on the beach, or even leaving the house to socialize with friends become too much to handle. The emotional impact can be enormous as you start missing out on activities you love in order to protect yourself from a fall.

If any of this is happening to you, you are not alone. We treat clients with hip pain of all types every day.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Bridging The Gap physical therapists can help you improve your balance, often with only a few sessions.

Here are just a few things we can do for you:

We can improve your balance quickly, often in only three sessions

We can get to the root cause of your dizziness and focus on treating your real problem

We can get you back on the golf course or tennis court

We can help you become less reliant on walkers and canes

We can teach you how to stand and walk for longer than a few minutes

We can get you back to spending quality time with your family and friends

The Three Main Causes of Poor Balance

Your inner ear consists of a complex canal system full of fluids. As the fluid circulates through the canals, your brain is able to detect where your head is located and help you feel centered.

As you age and stop doing the activities you used to do, the fluid has trouble circulating. Without circulation, your brain can’t tell where you are resulting in vertigo, dizziness, and a balance deficit.

So what’s the solution? Certainly not medication!

The only way to cure balance issues caused by stuck fluids is to get the fluids circulating again!

At Bridging the Gap, our physical therapists use specific maneuvers to tilt the head in patterns that get the fluid flowing freely. It’s quick and natural, and because it addresses the root cause of your balance problem, it won’t wear off like medications will.

Poor balance can be a result of weak muscles in the ankles, quads, hips, and glutes. Without enough strength in those areas, it’s nearly impossible to catch yourself. Unsteady people generally avoid exercise in an effort to prevent a fall, which only leads to more weakness.

So what’s the solution? Certainly not condemning you to a life of canes and walkers! The only way to cure balance issues caused by muscle weakness is to strengthen your muscles! 

Our physical therapists at Bridging The Gap are experts in strength training, and can help you discover a cure that other doctors and surgeons can’t provide. 

Balance problems can be a side effect of all kinds of neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s Disease, strokes, neuropathy, and traumatic spinal cord injuries. These conditions interrupt the connection between your brain and your muscles. Without that connection, your brain can’t tell your muscles when to activate, and so your muscles can’t help you remain steady.

Luckily, the brain is smart enough to create new paths to your muscles. Think of it this way: If I-75 is closed, you can still reach your final destination by taking back roads. A physical therapist is the perfect person to teach your body how to find alternate routes to wellness. 

Still not sure physical therapy is the right path for you?

That’s okay! Making decisions about your health takes time, so don’t rush into any kind of treatment until you’re certain it’s right for you.

In the meantime, we’ve put together our top five tips for preventing falls and improving balance. This free guide is perfect for people looking for simple tricks, hints, and exercises that can shed some light on your balance problems at home right now.

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