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Do you need a cortisone injection?

Written by Teo Buzas, PT, DPT


What is inflammation, and why is it present?

Inflammation is the first phase of our body’s healing process, and is, therefore, good. Once inflammation has occurred, your tissues should continue progressing through the healing process. Inflammation that is ongoing and chronic can become problematic.


What can be done about inflammation that will not resolve or reoccurs?

Although an oversimplification, a cortisone injection works by decreasing inflammation and taking away a potential aggravating source of pain. Cortisone injections are used both as treatment as well as a diagnostic tool. Often there is little or no benefit with the cortisone shot. Other times it can be very effective. Whether it works or not can give insight into where the inflammation may be. A cortisone injection can be beneficial and should be considered in stopping a constant pain cycle if it is pain associated with inflammation.

Repetitive use of cortisone injections has its downsides as well. Repetitive use of cortisone can break down your connective tissues, leading to more problems. Because of these side effects, the number of shots you can receive is limited, and they must be spaced out appropriately.

Cortisone injection to decrease inflammation may be a consideration in some cases, but it does not solve the problem long-term.


Why is the inflammation there, and why does it continue?

A physical therapist can assess the likely cause or contributor, as well as provide effective treatment to calm down the pain and inflammation. Physical therapy will reduce inflammation and pain naturally by working on movement, exercise, and hands-on treatment for long-term results to your health. (Read our “Health and Wellness” blog here).


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