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Do You Need Physical Therapy after Surgery?

Written by Teo Buzas, PT, DPT


Physical therapy will be a crucial part of your recovery after surgery. When you have surgery, your tissues will go through three stages of healing. During this process, the healing tissues need to be properly stretched and exercised. Otherwise, there can be a delay in healing and a risk of long-term loss of tissue movement as well as strength and overall function for activity. The recovering tissues need to be built back up without irritation or flare-ups.

The progression of your activity will be dependent on the surgery performed. It is important to work on safely restoring the full range of motion of the involved tissues as well as the surrounding body parts. During the early phase of recovery, physical therapy will help with the movement of these areas so that you do not stiffen up and loose motion.

During the later phases of recovery, physical therapy will help with the appropriate progression of strengthening exercise and activity so that you can return to the full desired activity level and health as soon as possible safely.

It is important to challenge your tissues with the appropriate type of exercises for the phase of healing you are in. As your new scar tissues form, it is important to get the most out of it so that physical limitations do not contribute to pain and dysfunction, so you progress and return to full activity level.

Physical therapy will help you effectively and safely recover without heavy reliance on pain medication. Physical therapy will focus on decreasing your pain, improving your range of motion and flexibility, as well as improving your strength. You will be guided on the proper return to full activity and decreasing your risk of future injury.



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