Shoulder Pain

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How We Ended Connie's Frozen Shoulder Nightmare​

About Shoulder Pain

For managing shoulder pain, the strongest evidence is for strengthening exercise for your shoulder and shoulder blade
To decrease pain and improve function, include exercises to improve shoulder motion
Shoulder impingement is the most common diagnosis of shoulder pain
In the absence of traumatic tears, surgery may not improve shoulder pain or function
20-40% of people have rotator cuff tears, without pain
Prevalence of shoulder pain increases with age and peaks around 50 years old
About 50% of new shoulder pain episodes may resolve in 2-3 months
Structural pathology may not fully explain the cause of shoulder pain
Most prevalent in 45-64 year olds. Also very common among adolescents 12-18 year olds
However, as many as 40% of cases persist for a year or more
For managing shoulder pain, the strongest evidence currently is for strengthening and range of motion exercise. Physical therapists have a detailed understanding of the shoulder region, related pain factors, and exercise selection. Don’t let your shoulder pain keep you from your normal function and activity.



Have You Tried This?

Here's the secret to Bridging The Gap's success: We find the root cause of your neck and shoulder pain.

Simple activities like swinging a golf club, serving a tennis ball, or lying down in bed should not cause you unbearable pain.

We figure out why this is happening before we start treatment.

By addressing the root cause of your pain (instead of focusing on just the pain itself) we can make sure your pain never returns.

Here are just a few things we can do for you:

⊕ Eliminate your pain and stiffness in as little as one session

Get to the root cause of your pain, instead of masking it with pills

Have a healthy night of sleep uninterrupted by neck and shoulder pain

Get you back on the golf course or tennis court

⊕ Avoid painful injections and surgeries

⊕ Teach you how to work out for longer than a few minutes without pain

Get you back to spending quality time with your family and friends

Ready to Change Your Life? It Only Takes 3 Easy Steps:

As our gift to you, your first appointment is complimentary!

At your free Fully Body Diagnostic, you’ll meet one-on-one with one of our experts for a whole-body examination.

Together, you’ll decide if physical therapy is the right path for your unique situation.

There is never any obligation to book further appointments. Our only goal is to help you make the best decisions about your health

Do you want to get better fast, or really fast?

The speed depends on your plan of care!

Together, you and your physical therapist will build a detailed roadmap to recovery, including:

⊕ How many visits you’ll need

⊕ How often you’ll need them

⊕ What kind of “homework” exercises are appropriate for you

Before you know it, you’ll be ready to graduate from physical therapy!

Once the plan of care is complete, you’ll have no trouble getting back to golf, tennis, long walks on the beach, and wherever else your heart desires…

And you’ll finally be able to do it pain-free

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