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10 Unhelpful Low Back Pain Beliefs

Written by Teo Buzas, PT, DPT

UNHELPFUL low back pain beliefs are common, culturally endorsed and not supported by all the evidence (1):


  1. Low back pain is usually a serious medical condition.


  1. Low back pain will become persistent and deteriorate in later life.


  1. Persistent low back pain is always related to tissue damage.


  1. Imaging scans are always needed to detect the cause of low back pain.


  1. Pain related to exercise and movement is always a warning that harm is being done and you should stop activity.


  1. Low back pain is directly caused by poor posture when sitting, standing, and lifting.


  1. Low back pain is directly caused by weak ‘core’ muscles.


  1. Repeated spinal loading results in ‘wear and tear’ and tissue damage.


  1. Pain flare-ups are a sign of tissue damage and require rest.


  1. Treatments such as strong medications, injections, and surgery are effective and necessary to treat low back pain.


These are 10 UNHELPFUL beliefs regarding back pain. If you believe these or are being treated by someone communicating these beliefs, see blog ‘10 facts everyone should know about low back pain.’ If you’ve been dealing with low back pain let us know, we can help get you relief and back to full activity level.


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