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About Bridging the Gap Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy located in Bonita Springs, FL

About Our Practice

At Bridging the Gap Physical Therapy, physical therapist David Lee, PT, DPT, and his team provide manual physical therapy and rehabilitation to adults in Bonita Springs, Florida, and throughout Lee County.

Bridging the Gap Physical Therapy is one of the only physical therapy practices in the area focused solely on manual rehabilitation. The providers use their hands and functional mobilization to promote healing instead of relying on injections or machinery like treadmills and electrical muscle stimulation.

People across Southwest Florida visit Bridging the Gap Physical Therapy to receive treatment for various musculoskeletal problems, including shoulder, neck, and back pain, sports injuries, and instability.

Appointments at Bridging the Gap Physical Therapy last an hour. The team works one-on-one with clients to help them return to their usual levels of function and mobility.

Before making treatment recommendations, your provider will complete a series of free full-body diagnostics. These screening procedures help identify the source of discomfort to develop personalized treatment plans that relieve pain and improve quality of life. 

The Bridging the Gap Physical Therapy team takes the time to walk patients through their treatment programs in-depth. He records videos of physical therapy sessions so patients can remember exactly how to do their exercises at home. 

At Bridging the Gap Physical Therapy, all treatment plans have an end goal. Unlike some physical therapists, Dr. Lee and his team never suggest patients “wait and see what happens.” They’re committed to lasting progress and work with individuals until they achieve their desired results.

The Bridging the Gap Physical Therapy team provides each patient with an estimate of how long treatment might take, and they monitor physical therapy progress through a series of clearly defined aims. 

Call Bridging the Gap Physical Therapy today to schedule a new patient appointment or book your visit online. 

Does This Sound Familiar?
Our Bridging The Gap team works with clients like this every day:
- You thought the pain would go away on its own, but it hasn’t
- You already tried physical therapy, but you didn’t get the one-on-one attention you deserve
- You’re having trouble in the gym lately, and you miss your active lifestyle - You don’t want painkillers or surgery
- Your family says your aches and pains are just “part of getting older” - You have a hard time completing simple daily activities

If you said yes to any of these, we can help!
Our provider
Patient working on feeling better
Patient working on feeling better
Patient working on feeling better
Patient working on feeling better
Patient working on feeling better
Patient working on feeling better
Patient working on feeling better
Doctor meeting with Patient
Our Three Step Approach
We utilize highly effective manual therapy techniques. This means we’ll physically touch you to figure out what’s wrong instead of basing your treatment decisions on a written report from your doctor. At Bridging The Gap, we know every part of the body affects each other, and often, the answer to your pain is hidden where you’d never think to look. 
You want to see a doctor, not an assistant. That’s why we make sure our clients spend the entirety of every single appointment working one-on-one with a physical therapist. This individualized attention allows us to constantly adjust our treatment techniques to meet your specific needs— meaning you get faster results in fewer visits!
We treat problems, not symptoms. Pain can be tricky. We constantly treat patients with pain caused by a completely different part of the body! Our philosophy is to examine your whole body, not just the area that hurts.
Doctor meeting with Patient
Ready to bridge the gap between where you are
and where you could be?